Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Art in the Garden

Visited this years Art in the Garden exhibition at Hillier Gardens.
Interesting sculptures!
Art in the Garden celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and showed the work of over 70 new and established artists, graduates and local Hampshire artists with over 150 pieces of purchasable art and design. All the sculpture was displayed in a beautiful outdoor setting of the 180 acre Hillier Gardens.

My favourite as well as the annual featured artist 2009 is Sara Machej with her big, white cement organic 'growths'. The sculptures sit on the banks of the pond creating beautiful reflections in the water.

Art in the Garden is curated by Elizabeth Hodgson of Underground Art + Design which is an arts organisation to promote the work of artists and designers. For information on how to participate in 2010 you can contact Elizabeth at: underground_artanddesign@yahoo.co.uk.

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Water Gardens and Vectorworks

Sorry for being late with posting this but I had been busy with keeping up...been sick and the Garden Design course at OCGD is really timeconsuming. But we learn so much, it is incredible. First results- the finished project 1 you can see at the Blog of our principle Duncan Heather. My delayed hand-in date is thursday, still have to render one sketch...
Last Friday we had one of the best lectures ever: Pond Construction and Water Plants by Martin Kelley- Fairwater Ltd., one of the leading pond construction experts of the UK. Interesting and really fun listening! I definitely like the idea of natural pond ecosystems or natural swimming pools. Fairwater Ltd. is working hand in hand with BioNova from Germany- based in Munich ;-) so will go and have a chat to the guys...

Today we got introduced to Vectorworks, the CAD- Software. Cool. Lots of things that you can do and lots of things to learn but just a great tool to work professionally. Lecture was done by Tamsin Slatter, the Vectorworks specialist. If you want to book a training or purchase her book about Vectorworks, just go to her homepage. It is really worth it!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The class took a trip to the TATE last week which I unfortunately could not attend as I was in hospital ;-(.
I try to keep up now by searching for art and inspiration in the internet. By doing this I found a nice homepage about a sculpture exhibition in Australia. http://sculpturebythesea.com/

It is definitely worth looking at!
Some of my favourites:

Rollercoaster by Lene Desmentik

Inside spoken things by Tim Macfarlane Reld

She thought by Mark McClelland

Autumn shows colour

Ursprünglich hochgeladen von Alex Lehne
Have been off for a while...sorry for that, I am back now.
This autumn I went to see several gardens, my most favourite ones were Knoll Gardens, Hillier Gardens, Heale House, Waterperry...
I found out that you can find something stunning in every garden, just make sure the sun is out and gives a little bit of light.
Various acers are the highlight in a autumn garden, they give such a nice colour range. You can find a wonderful japanese garden in the garden of Heale House.

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