Thursday, December 17, 2009

Project 2

Unbelievable...just finished the drawings for our second project. A small country house with garage, work shed, kitchen garden, pond and two patios.
The major issue for me this time was to get the architectural blanks copied...I have to admit that the english print quality is a lot better than here in Germany, and half the price ;-(((
And then the worst thing happened: when rendering sheet number 1 one of the stupid pens sort of exploded and spilled the ink all over the nearly finished work. It ended in a big scream with my cats and husband disappearing and getting out of my way. I was ready to kill.
Then: yould somebody introduce a non-expensive way of shipping goods to England? To send 3 A1 sheets cost me 120 EUR!!! Not a bargain...Anyway, just waiting for Mr UPS, he better be nice and quick.
Then I will start feeling like Christmas, before getting to the next homework...
Did someone said this course is easy?!?!

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Site Analysis& Conceptual Diagrams


2D Perspectives & Sketch Plan

Section Elevations, 2D Perspective& Shade Diagrams

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  1. OMG 120 EUR you are dedicated! and you re-drew your sketch plan!

    It looks wonderful Alex, far better than mine, very professional (already!).

    Mine went off an hour ago in a snow storm. Just hope it arrives in time.


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