Friday, July 16, 2010

Prunus Laurocerasus

Getting closer to finish my garden design course I feel becoming very popular amongst family and friends... ;-)
Everybody all of a sudden feels the urge to have his/her garden designed, or mostly just ask for help with this or that little problem.

Last week I was asked for my opinion about a nice non-see-through hedge. I suggested anything but prunus laurocerasus which- I was then told- is very modern and "IN" in Germany these days. (Maybe because it is so expensive?)

I just remembered my tutor who said: Use anything but this plant for a hedge as it looks awful when you cut it.

Well, people say you just have to trim it then with small sissors so you don't see the cutted leaves- who has the time for this?! especially if the hedge measures 30meters...

I wonder what your experience says: Good hedge plant- bad hedge plant?



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  2. Dear Raul, thank you so much! I am very glad you like my blog. Will post more once I am done with all my homework ;-)
    All the best to Madrid!


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